Weight Inclusive Nutrition & Dietetics (WIND)

Continuing education and community for both aspiring and established weight-inclusive, Health at Every SizeĀ®-aligned, non-diet nutrition providers. WIND providers resources, workbooks, webinars, and references that help you apply weight-inclusive practices to all aspects of your career.

WIND resources that you'll find on Teachable include:

  • Foundations of Weight-Inclusive Care (WIND 101)
  • "How to Hold Space for Weight Loss Conversations" Supervision Training
  • Mindfulness of Trauma in Dietetics Webinar for WIND

FREE WIND Resources:

"One word to describe this workshop: transformative. Once you attend WIND, you will never practice dietetics the same, no matter what your philosophy is as a nutrition provider."

-WIND Workshop participant, NYC 2020

"I only wish WIND was around when I was learning more about how to transition from "weight loss" to weight-inclusive counseling. WIND is powerful by providing a brave space to learn more about vulnerable issues and how to partner with clients to truly make an impact in their lives."

-Jennifer McGurk RD CEDRD-S

"I will be a WIND conference attendee for life! I appreciate the work and awareness that WIND brings and the variety of topics/speakers they work with."

-WIND Spring 2021 Symposium participant (RD2Be)